Why is this fast food country so fast food?

The fastest growing fast food nation in the US is Memphis, Tennessee, and its fast food franchise chain, Fast Food Nation.

Memphis has gained an enormous number of fast food restaurants in recent years, including Papa John’s and Burger King.

Its fast food empire has more than 200,000 restaurants, according to the franchise company’s website.

But Memphis, like other fast food regions in the country, has seen an explosion of fast casual restaurants and a surge in high-end chains such as Chipotle, Panera Bread and Domino’s.

According to the latest numbers from the National Restaurant Association, Memphis’s fast casual market has nearly doubled in the past decade.

In 2011, Memphis had a population of 8.7 million, up from 5.4 million in 2007, according the association.

Now, the population is estimated to be 8.8 million, an increase of roughly 400,000 people since the recession.

In the past five years, Memphis has added more than 150 fast casual locations, and now boasts more than 100.

But as the restaurant industry has seen a huge increase in growth and profits, the number of franchises in the city has shrunk, and many are struggling financially.

In recent years Memphis has seen some of the biggest growth in franchise openings, according a report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Memphis, which sits on the Tennessee River, has a population that has grown by more than 20,000 in the last five years.

The city has been hit hard by the recession, and as a result, its economy has shrunk by nearly a quarter, according To The Star, a Memphis news outlet.

The company behind Papa John and Burger Kings, Burger King, announced in July that it would close more than a dozen of its Memphis locations.

The chain has had to close more locations since then, including at least 10 in the metro area.

At least seven of those were in Memphis.

The new fast food chain, which now includes a number of restaurants, is owned by the parent company of Panera, which is owned jointly by the family of former President Barack Obama.

The Panera brand has been in Memphis since 1985.

The franchise company, Papa John, has also announced plans to close a number more restaurants.

A spokesperson for Papa John told the Star that it will shut more than 40 locations in Memphis over the next two years.