Why Auburys fast food app is a hit

Updated January 21, 2020 05:30:53Auburys app has hit 100 million downloads in India, making it the fastest-growing fast food application in the country.

The app was launched on January 15, 2019, with a whopping 20 million downloads.

It has also been downloaded over 10 million times, making Auburays fast food a hit across the country as well as around the world.

On the back of this, the company launched a video campaign on YouTube and the company’s app store to spread awareness of the app and attract users.

In an interview with The Times Of India, Auburiy said, “We have created a unique fast food experience for people across India.”

The company said its app is now available on more than 20 million smartphones in the world, including Apple, Google, Microsoft and Symbian, and that it plans to launch an Android version soon.

Bidu has already launched a new app, Durga, which offers a menu of Indian fast food.

Aubuys app will be available on both the Android and iOS app stores on January 21, 2019.

With the launch of Aubury’s fast food apps comes the end of an era for fast food chains like McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s.

Earlier this year, McDonalds announced it was shutting down its burger joint in India after 25 years.

This followed a similar move by Burger King India earlier this year.

“We are in a transition phase of the fast food industry in India and the last 30 years have been an extremely tough time for the fast-food industry,” said Auburay.

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