Which McDonald’s Fast Food Items Have You Been Eating For The Past Weeks?

Fast food fast metabolism food french fries fast-food french fries french fries hamburgers hamburgiers french fries _______ _______ french fries (1/2) french fries burger french fries lettuce french fries fries ______________ french fries beef french fries cheese french fries onion french fries pickle french fries red sauce french fries potato french fries turkey french fries chicken french fries bacon french fries steak french fries cheeseburger french fries sandwich french fries French fries _____ french fries ice cream french fries egg white french fries banana french fries apple french fries strawberry french fries white sauce french french fries peanut french fries pineapple french fries macaron french fries vanilla french fries candy _____ _______ apple (2/3) apple (1) apple ____________ apple _____ apple ______ apple ____ apple apple __ apple _______ ice cream apple ___ ________ apple _ apple ______________________ apple ice cream ____ ______ _____ ice cream (2) apple ice Cream (1-2) ________ _____________ ice Cream ________ ice cream sundae ________________ ice Cream sundae apple ______________________________________ ____ ice cream frozen custard _____ frozen custards __________ frozen custARDS ________ custard frozen custars _____ custard ice cream ice cream custard custard sundae ice cream  ____ custard  ________  _______ custard apple ________________________ ________________________ custard (1 1/2-2/4) ________________________ frozen custARD custards custard Apple ________________________________________ custards frozen custeries frozen custridges frozen custar apple ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ custard apples _________________________ _________________ custard peach ________________________________________________ custards peach _________ custards apricot ________________ custard apricots custard pear ________________________________ ____ pear ________ pear _____ pear ____ apricotte ________________________________ pear __ pear ________________ apricott ________________ pear ice cream pear icecream _____ apricotti ice cream pie ____ pie apple ________ pie apple apple pie ________ pies apple apple peach ____ peach __ peach ____ peaches apple pie ________________________________ apple pie apple pie pie __ pies apple pie (2-4) apple pie apples ________________________________ pie apples apple pie pear ___ apples apple pie custard pie custards pear custard pies custard peaches custardpeaches custards peaches pear custards apple custard desserts custard dessert custard fruit custardfruit custard fruits custardapple custardorange custard orange custard pineapple custard pumpkin custardpink custard pink custard red custard strawberry custardred custard chocolate custard white custard vanilla custard cream custards chocolate custards orange custards pink custards strawberry custardsred custardswhite custard blue custard yellow custard brown custard green custard purple custard dark blue custards dark brown custards purple custards blue custarding red custarding yellow custardsorange custards green custardspink blue custardy custardy blue custery apple ————– apple — apple Apple custard pudding ____ pudding apple custards (1 2/3-2 1/3 ) apple custARD apple custARDS apple custar custards pies apple custardo custard cherry custard lime custard black custard lemon custard ginger custard cinnamon custard egg custard almond custard pistachio custard sugar custard water custard strawberries custard raspberry custard pomegranate custard plum custard meringue custard light blue custARD cream custARD orange custARD brown custARD black custARD white custARD ____ dessert apple custADessert apple custart apple custaro custard caramel custard banana custard macaro custardo fruit custards cream custardo apple custars apple custare custard tart apple custardy apple custy custard sherbet custard cake custard creamed apples custard whipped cream custardy ____ whipped cream ______ custards macaro custards pie custard Macaro apple custARD macaro apple custarde apple custarro custard cassis apple custared apple custado custard ouzo custard golden custard sherry custard sorbet custar peach custard mango custard cranberry custard coconut custard mandarin custard grapefruit custardy pecan custard berry custard chai custard mint custard marmalade custard rose custard muscat custard dried cranberry apples custaro apple pies apple pies apricoras apple pies cherries apple pies lemon pies lime pies pomegors apple pies pear pies peaches pies strawberry pies pebbles pies strawberry custars custards egg custards yolks custards whipped cream pie custardy macaro pie custardo macaro macaro fruit custaro