Which fast food restaurants are serving the best ?

Fast food restaurants serve up some of the best fast food meals, according to a study by food analytics company, The Jerusalem Times.

The study, based on data from restaurants across the country, found that restaurants serving up the best food in fast food are located in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan.

The study also found that fast food is served at locations such as a McDonalds, Burger King and McDonalds in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Tel Aviv.

The report, which is based on restaurant data from data provider, Foodscan, shows that a McDonald’s serving up burgers is one of the top-rated fast food locations in the country.

While McDonalds is the most popular fast food restaurant in Israel, it is only one of several fast food outlets in the city, according the report.

In addition, McDonalds serves up burgers at the most important fast food joint in the area, B.V. McDonalds restaurant in Haifetz, which has been serving burgers for decades.

B.V., which opened in 1997, is the oldest burger joint in Haifei, with more than 150 years of serving hamburgers.

The joint is also one of a few that offer the burger at an affordable price.

“B. V. has become one of Haifa’s most beloved fast food joints, and it’s a testament to its history,” the report said.