Which fast food restaurant will be next to close?

The fastest growing fast food chain in the U.S. will close its doors in November and move into an entirely new location, as fast food workers nationwide and around the world prepare for a yearlong strike that will begin on Nov. 20.

Baker’s, which owns the Hardee’s, Taco Bell and Wendy’s franchises in the city, said in a statement that it would move its franchisees to a new location that is more affordable and open to its regular customers.

Bakers said it plans to open in November 2019 and then reopen in 2019.

The chain will hire new employees and offer them jobs with wages and benefits similar to those of the franchisees.

Bakeshaan, the owner of one of the two other Baker’s franchises, said the new location will be in a neighborhood that is less diverse and will allow for the company to offer jobs to more minority workers.

The franchisees have been calling for the closing of all Baker’s restaurants since last year, when it announced a year-long strike aimed at forcing the chain to pay wages and take other steps to address labor abuses and wage theft.

On Thursday, they filed a lawsuit in U.N. court seeking to stop the chain’s move into a new facility that will be open to the public.

That lawsuit is the latest in a series of similar actions against the company that began last year.

The fast food industry is also expected to be impacted by the strike, with a petition signed by more than 300,000 people to shut down fast food chains in the United States and abroad calling for their closings.

On Tuesday, McDonald’s and Burger King, which together employ nearly 9 million people in the country, also said they would shut down all of their locations and their restaurants by Thanksgiving.

They said the move was necessary to address safety and the need to protect workers and customers.

The workers who plan to strike on Nov, 20 are expected to take part in a nationwide hunger strike that has been ongoing for months.