When fast food chains have to use more energy than you can eat

fast food chain KFC, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Domino’s are all struggling to find alternative sources of energy.

The fast food companies are trying to use solar energy for their operations and they are also using it to heat their food to keep the temperatures down.

Some fast food restaurants are even using solar panels to help keep the restaurant running, although solar panels are not cheap.

One fast food restaurant, Subway, has also started a solar energy program that allows customers to pay for solar panels on their food bill.

But if you want to go solar, the fast food industry has a long way to go.

The fast food world has been growing rapidly over the last decade.

In 2015, McDonalds said that it expects to increase its U.S. solar-energy output by over 50 percent.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, McDonald and other fast food firms are planning to install more than 1.2 million solar panels by 2020.

In the U.K., the fast-food industry is planning to use around 2.5 million solar-power capacity.

Fast food chains are also trying to become more energy efficient by using solar power in order to heat the food and reduce energy usage.

Solar power can be used to create a lot of energy but the electricity that is generated is expensive to store.

Some of the more famous solar panels that McDonalds has installed include the McDonalds Solar Panels that use 100 watts of electricity and the McDonald’s Solar Paners that use more than 300 watts of energy per panel.

In addition, solar panels can be installed at other locations.

McDonalds’ Solar Panors can be found at locations in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, India, Turkey and the U