We’ve finally figured out why you hate fast food: McDonald’s

The first McDonald’s burger has finally made its way to the US.

But why do you hate McDonald’s?

According to a study conducted by the McDonald’s restaurant chain, Americans are more likely to dislike fast food in general than the burger itself.

It has also been found that the majority of respondents disliked fast food, while most people who said they didn’t like McDonald’s would prefer a burger of their own.

The McDonald’s study, which polled 2,000 people, found that 47% of respondents said they disliked fast-food in general, while 41% of them said they preferred a burger at McDonald’s.

The study also found that people who liked McDonald’s were more likely than those who didn’t to like its signature burgers.

So, how does McDonald’s keep people happy and motivated when it comes to their favorite fast food?

The fast food giant’s marketing has been a major factor in the popularity of McDonald’s, as it has been able to capture the imagination of many Americans and draw in loyal customers.

The burger chain also has been working hard to keep the brand relevant and attractive to younger consumers.

In addition to marketing to the young, McDonald’s has also created a series of interactive games and apps to entice kids into the company.

The latest of these is McDonald’s Challenge, which will launch on March 6.

In the game, kids can try their hand at working at McDonalds while trying to earn points that can be used to unlock new fast food options.

It is the first of its kind in the fast food industry.

McDonald’s Challenge features interactive features such as the classic hamburger counter and a menu that can change daily, as well as a new fast-casual option, which is a menu of a burger, fries, and chips.

The menu in Challenge also features an interactive bar, which serves up new burgers, salads, and wraps.

McD’s has long maintained that its focus is on its loyal customers and that the burger chain is a “family” of its own.

“We want you to be your own franchisee and grow your business in the United States,” the chain said in a press release on March 7.

The release also noted that the company is launching a partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau to make sure that the Census Bureau’s new database is accurate.

“The Census Bureau is a great partner in the McDonalds partnership, and they have been incredibly helpful,” McDonald’s said in its press release.

“They are committed to making the Census Census the best data set to help us serve America’s most vulnerable populations and provide a better understanding of our customers’ lifestyles.”

McDonalds hopes to be able to make its burger menu accessible to people who don’t have a smartphone, and that people will feel more comfortable ordering their burgers when they have one at home.

McCallum said that the goal is to get people who aren’t able to use a smartphone into the burger restaurant to try the burger.

The chain also plans to create a mobile app that allows customers to order their burgers online.