The New Fast Food World of Tacos

Fast food is fast, and fast food tacos are fast.

That’s a fact.

But if you want to make the most of the fast food taco trend, you need to be prepared to eat a lot more than the taco.

For starters, fast food restaurants tend to use much higher-calorie ingredients than traditional fast food outlets.

And because the fast-food industry is in the midst of a boom, you’re going to have to work hard to eat at the higher-end restaurants.

In fact, Taco Bell has a Taco Bowl, a taco-style meal that is served with fries, coleslaw, a salad, and some kind of taco sauce.

It’s a pretty big deal, and one that Taco Bell is promising to change.

“It’s a big change for us,” said Steve Miller, Taco Bowl’s creative director.

“We’re looking to be more sustainable in terms of our menu and in terms a percentage of what we offer, so that our customers don’t have to sacrifice their health and wellness in order to have a good meal.”

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Miller also discussed how fast food chains like Taco Bell are responding to the health-conscious consumer.

“We’re not just looking to have high-quality, high-caloric ingredients,” Miller said.

“What we’re looking at is, how do we provide that to our customers and to our employees?

How do we keep their calories down?

And also, what can we offer to the communities we serve, and to the people that we serve?

And I think we’re starting to see that in some of our restaurants.”

Miller said that Taco Bowl has been testing its own version of the taco for some time.

The new version has fewer calories and higher-fat, but the tacos are still made with all-natural ingredients like queso fresco, a local specialty sauce.

Miller also said that the tacos will be a healthier option than the standard version, which will offer “a bit more fat and more calories.”

He said the new taco has been tweaked in a few ways, like adding an extra sauce and making the tortillas a bit more tortilla-y, to help balance the higher calorie count.

“What I would say about the Taco Bowl is that it’s not really a taco bowl.

It doesn’t have any of the ingredients that we used to have in the taco bowl,” Miller explained.

“It’s more like a taco and more like an ice cream cone, if you will.

I think it’s a healthier, more healthy taco than the regular Taco Bowl.

It comes in a different size.

It has different flavors and it’s made with a different type of ingredients.”

Taco Bell also has a similar concept, called the Taco Roll, which it recently launched.

It consists of two small tacos, topped with a sweet-and-sour sauce, and a fried egg, for the sweet and sour sauce.

The Taco Roll is also less than $10 and is available at Taco Bell’s locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

Taco Roll tacos are available in both the regular and Taco Bowl versions.

( Taco Bell said that it has not yet changed the way it makes its tacos, it has been making some tweaks to the way they’re served, too.

In addition to changing the recipe of the tacos, Miller said that he is working with Taco Bell to make them healthier by using “less salt and more fat,” as well as reducing the amount of calories in the tacos.

The change, he said, is designed to help keep the weight down and to “help them meet the calorie goals that our employees are aiming for.”

The company also said it is working to add more “clean, sustainable ingredients” to its tacos.

That means it’s going to be making them more vegetarian, and also will be working to include healthier options like tofu, as well.

The company’s Taco Bowls are currently sold only at Taco Marts, and Miller said they’ll likely be available in all-you-can-eat locations across the country in the near future.