The Lad’s Restaurant and Lounge is closing its doors

The Lad Restaurant and a few other restaurants in Nashville will close their doors on March 3 after more than two decades.

Owner Joe Hester, along with owner-operator Dan and his son, Will, announced the news on Twitter Friday.

The news comes on the heels of the closure of the popular restaurant on Grand Avenue, which opened in 1997.

The Lad is known for its steak, chicken, and ribs and was known for hosting events and live entertainment.

Hester said on Twitter that he would not be doing any more events there.

“We will always be open for you,” he said.

The restaurant was a favorite of the restaurant group in the Nashville area, which included the owners of the original Gladys Bistro and Bistrot.

The owners announced on Twitter they would be closing the restaurant to the public.