The fast food nation that’s made Evolution fast food famous

Posted November 11, 2018 09:00:00Denton, Florida-based fast food chain Evolution Foods is making headlines around the world with a new restaurant in New York City that’s the country’s most popular fast food restaurant.

It’s been around for about 15 years, and now it’s going to have a big change in the air.

Denton Mayor Steve Stahl says the new Evolution restaurant is going to be a major attraction in the city.

Evolution opened in 2004 in downtown Denton, and it’s had its fair share of controversy.

Now, a lot of people are asking why this is a fast food joint and not a restaurant.

Stahl says there are a couple reasons for this.

First of all, Denton is not the type of town that’s known for a big, fast food-style eatery.

He says he’s seen a lot more restaurants in town.

So when Evolution announced the change in its menu, Stahl and his colleagues at the Denton Economic Development Corp. got in touch with Evolution and asked them to look at Denton’s zoning.

Sthl says he thought that was a great opportunity.

Evolution is based in North Carolina and is owned by Denton businessman John “Mikey” Leach.

The company’s new location in the new Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt Building is being built at the corner of East 12th and West 13th streets.

It will open in late fall.

In a press release, Leach said the new restaurant will serve a large array of products, including hamburgers, chicken nuggets, burgers, salads, pizza, breakfast items and desserts.

The new Evolution is being named for the popular movie franchise based on the best-selling book, Evolution of the American Fast Food Empire, which starred the character “Mr. Mutt.”

Leach says the restaurant will open at a time when many other fast food restaurants are closing up shop, and that the new fast food brand will allow Evolution to continue to grow.

The restaurant’s location in Denton was chosen because it has the “low-cost, convenient and low-stress” space, Leacher says.

The food will be served in an indoor environment, and Stahl has said that he wants to see customers dining in the restaurant in person rather than on a mobile device.