Phoenix fast food sales jump 17% after ‘polar vortex’

A new report from the National Retail Federation says Phoenix fast-food sales jumped 17% in March.

It says that sales of Phoenix fast foods increased by 15% in April and 10% in May.

The NRF also says Phoenix is the fastest-growing fast food market in the United States.

Phoenix’s fast-casual restaurant market is the most rapidly growing in the country, the report said.

According to NRF, Phoenix restaurant sales grew by 7% in the third quarter and the average pace of growth is about 6% a year.

Phoenix was named the fastest growing city in the nation for the fourth consecutive year, with the city growing by 4% a decade ago, according to NBF.

Read morePhoenix is one of a number of cities that saw sales growth last month.

Phoenix is in the middle of a rapid expansion of fast food chains and franchises, which has fueled the market’s rapid expansion.

The Phoenix area also leads the nation in fast-growing college towns, which saw the largest growth, with 8% growth in the region in March, the NBF said.

Phoenix is a hotbed of fast-eating, according the NRF.

Last month, Phoenix-based Taco Bell announced plans to open a new location in the city, and the company is expanding into a chain of fast foods, which it will also expand to other Phoenix neighborhoods.