McDonald’s: McDonald’s CEO says the fast food chain is working to expand its restaurants

McDonald’s Corp. said Thursday that it is adding another 2,000 jobs in its food-service division to help expand its operations and boost its revenue.

The company also said it would boost its wages to $12 an hour and hire more people to work in the company’s restaurants.

McDonald’s Chief Executive Steve Easterbrook made the announcement at a conference in Chicago to discuss the company in an effort to increase its share price.

The stock has climbed about 15 percent this year.

McDonald said the new jobs will be in areas including customer service and retail operations.

The announcement comes after President Donald Trump threatened to pull out of the fast-food market in the coming weeks, a move that would have led to a collapse in the market.

The president also said on Tuesday that McDonald’s should close all of its U.S. stores by March 2019 and that he would make a formal request to the U.K. government to declare a global economic emergency.

McDonalds has about 2,400 U.R. shops in the United States, and about 2.4 million U.Y.O. locations.

McDonald also said Thursday it plans to open its first U.N. headquarters in Chicago next year.

The new jobs come as McDonald’s faces competition from other fast-casual restaurants like Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. and Shake Shack Corp. The fast-chain chain has been battling a spate of food scandals, including one in February in which the company was accused of falsifying the size of an order of chicken wings.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that McDonalds is looking at closing more than a third of its restaurants and may have to lay off as many as 300 workers.