How to watch your fast food fast

Fast food is becoming a staple of American life, but it’s also getting a lot of attention lately thanks to an ongoing lawsuit from a disgruntled employee.

The man is suing fast food chain Taco Bell for allegedly violating federal employment laws and stealing his wages and benefits.

In his lawsuit, filed in a California court, the man claims Taco Bell employees regularly forced him to work more than 24 hours a day and then threatened him with termination if he did not comply.

The man is demanding compensation of $10.6 million, but the company says it cannot be sure how much.

Taco Bell spokesman Ryan Martin told ABC News that the company has not been served with the lawsuit.

Taco Bell did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

The lawsuit alleges that the fast food company violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the Equal Pay Act.

The lawsuit seeks to have the company’s former CEO fired.

Tacos owner Joe Torre says he believes the man has violated his rights under the federal laws and is pursuing a lawsuit.

Torre, who founded Taco Bell in 1996, has been on paid leave since March 20.

The lawsuits come as fast food companies around the country are facing backlash for their treatment of employees.

Some companies have been fired and others have been fined, but none has yet been accused of violating the federal Labor Department’s anti-discrimination laws.