How to get a fast food meal at McDonald’s: The quick fix

McDonald’s has changed its menu a lot since its humble beginnings in 1940.

Now, the fast food chain is offering customers more choices with its fast food meals, and customers are buying more fast food options in droves.

1:01 A fast food lunch can cost as much as $30 in Canada, but fast food restaurants across the country have been adding new fast food choices to their menus, offering customers a variety of options that include salads, wraps, sandwiches and chicken wings.

Here are some of the most popular fast food items you can get at McDonalds.


Chicken wings At the counter, the chicken wings are a mainstay of fast food.

The chicken wings feature a fried chicken breast wrapped in a crispy, juicy piece of chicken.

The breast is grilled in a deep, hot skillet before the chicken is tossed with a spicy dressing, then wrapped in lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cheese.

The wings are served with a side of fries.

They are available at McDonald restaurants in all provinces.


Salad bar The salad bar at McDonald is a staple of the restaurant, and its prices are going up fast.

This year, customers will pay about $10.50 for a large salad bar.

The salad is served in a bowl with a lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese dressing.

It’s usually served with fries.


Chicken wing wraps The chicken wing wraps are the fast-food version of chicken wings, but with a more savoury flavor.

The wraps come in three different sizes: medium, small and large.

The medium size is served with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cheese, while the smaller wraps are served on a bed of lettuce, diced tomatoes and onions.

The smaller wraps come with a small portion of cheese.


Chicken nuggets A popular fast-casual item, nuggets can be purchased in the chicken section of the store.

The nuggets are typically served with french fries, or in a sandwich, if the nuggets come with bread.


Wings A new fast-eatening option, the wings come in several varieties, and are typically a big hit at McDonald locations.

They come in a chicken wing, a salad, a side or a sandwich.

Wings are also available at restaurants in the United States.


Chicken salad The chicken salad comes in a large bowl with lettuce and tomato and is typically served on the side.


Chicken wrap with salad and bread If the chicken wrap is served as a side, it’s typically served alongside fries, salad or bread.


Chicken wraps with cheese A chicken wrap with cheese comes in several different sizes.

The large chicken wrap comes with lettuce sliced thin and a cheese dressing, while smaller chicken wraps come on a bun with shredded lettuce, shredded tomatoes and lettuce.


Fries and sandwiches A new type of fast-cooking fast food, fries come in bunches with a grilled cheese and cheese sauce.

The fries are served in an 8-inch-wide pan, topped with a thin slice of cheese, and topped with lettuce.


Chicken and chips McDonalds offers a variety to its fast- food meals.

Some of the more popular items are the chicken nuggets and the chicken wing.

In addition to the chicken and chips, you can also get the chicken salad, the salad bar, the grilled cheese, the sandwich, the fries, the french fries and the cheese sauce and the fries and chicken nugget with cheese.


Chicken salads The chicken salads are a staple in fast food and can be found at most fast food locations.

The lettuce, chicken, onion, cheese and onions are combined and served in the same bowl.

The meal is usually served on chicken breast.


Chicken fajita sandwiches At McDonalds, the fajitas are a great way to fill up on a large meal.

The fajitas are usually served in large bowls with lettuce leaves, tomato and onions, and may also include fries.


Chicken quesadillas In the past, fast food had to wait for its fillings before it could be served, but the chicken quesada sandwich is an option that doesn’t have to wait.

The sandwich consists of chicken, a lettuce and a tomato on a roll, with cheese, salsa and a side.


Chicken sandwich Chicken sandwiches are the classic meal that all Canadians are accustomed to eating at McDonald stores, but now there are options to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

These chicken sandwiches come in many varieties and can also be made with beef or veal, pork or beef and chicken.


Chicken sandwiches at McDonald The chicken sandwich at McDonald serves a great deal of meat, which means that it can take up a lot of room.

You’ll often see a chicken sandwich in the larger McDonald restaurants.

You can order a chicken in a corn tortilla or in an Americano.


Chicken with cheese and sauce Chicken sandwiches in McDonalds are typically made with a mixture of beef, chicken and