How to find fast food restaurants close to you

A new survey has revealed the average speed of delivery varies hugely between the UK and the US, with some of the most popular fast food chains including McDonald’s, Subway and Burger King finding themselves in trouble with US border controls.

Here’s how to find the nearest McDonald’s restaurant.

The survey of 5,000 people found that the average delivery time for a fast food delivery in the UK was just 0.4 minutes, compared with 3.4 for a delivery in New York.

This was a big improvement on the 0.1 minutes of delivery in January.

McDonald’s delivery was the most efficient, with an average delivery taking just 0,96 minutes, while Burger King was the least efficient, taking 0.43 minutes.

But fast food chain Subway had the lowest average speed, with just 0 minutes of deliver time, compared to 0.3 minutes for McDonald’s and 0.6 for Burger King.

The fast food industry is often criticised for poor service, with customers complaining of being asked to pay for items they didn’t need.

This has caused the fast food sector to lose out on more than $2.5bn in sales since 2008, according to the National Retail Federation.