‘F*ck you’ to the fast food industry, says fast food bar owner who lost $20m in IPO

Fast food giant Chipotle announced that it will no longer serve fast food at its restaurants, and the CEO of the company’s franchisees and franchisors told the Wall Street Journal that he was “f**king f**king mad.”

According to the WSJ, Chipotle has been in a public relations crisis since its July 2017 IPO, when the stock fell nearly 7% on the news that the fast-food chain had reached an agreement with its parent company, United Parcel Service.

The WSJ reports that Chipotle’s corporate communications chief, Michael Hirsch, told the WSj that he had been informed of the deal by “people that I don’t even know personally.”

Hirsch said he was not informed by the company that the agreement was with United Parampoints, but that he understood that the company had reached the agreement.

“I had to do it myself,” Hirsch said.

“The idea that Chipotles CEO was telling me, ‘I can’t serve the fast, I can’t have the fast,’ that’s bullshit.

I mean, that’s just bullshit.”

Hochschule, a Chipotle franchise, posted a statement on its Facebook page in response to the news, which read, “Chipotle and its franchisees have been working hard to build a positive image and community around the company, which has led to us reaching an agreement that will enable us to provide a more affordable and quality service to our customers and partners.”

A spokesperson for United Paracoints said that the decision was made at the last minute and that Chipots decision was not related to the pending IPO.

Hirsch told the Journal that the deal “wasn’t a secret” to him and that it was “a very difficult time for all of us” at Chipotle.

He said he believes Chipotle was “looking for the right time” to cut costs.

“It’s a lot harder when you’re a restaurant,” Hochschules spokesperson said in a statement.

“But I think there was a lot of pressure on the company to make this happen.

We’re going to continue to invest and grow our business.”

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