Fast food restaurants are turning fast food to fast food art

Fast food is back.

Fast food phobia is back, with fast food restaurants turning fast foods to fast art.

Fast Food Drawing, a new exhibition opening March 24 at the Chicago Museum of Science, will feature a new, modern, and often experimental take on fast food, drawing from the likes of fast food joints like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Domino’s.

Fast and the Furious: Fast Food, Fast Food Art, Fast and The Furious: Live at Domino St. Louis will also be on display.

Fast-food art has been a long time coming.

But Fast Food drawing is something new, an experimental, and always-interesting take on the fast food experience.

Fastfood drawing, an exhibit at Chicago’s Museum of Technology, will draw from a variety of different sources, including food chains, restaurants, and even street art, to tell the story of how fast food came to be.