Burger fast food chain Burger King to launch in Florida

Burger King will launch its newest fast food franchise in Florida, opening in the Tampa Bay area.

The fast food company said it will open at the corner of South State and St. Johns Streets.

The franchise, which will be based at a new location, will be owned by McDonald’s and McDonald’s franchise partners.

Burger King said it expects to have at least two locations open by March.

It also plans to open a third location in Orlando later this year.

Burger king said the franchise will have “all the elements of a fast food restaurant, including the hamburger bun, fries, and a drink.”

The franchise will include a drive-thru.

McDonald’s said in a news release that it was “excited to welcome Burger King into our Tampa Bay community” and is “dedicated to serving our loyal customers with quality and fresh ingredients.

The new franchise will offer a variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads and drinks to satisfy customers’ diverse needs.”

Fried chicken, bacon, onion rings and lettuce will be on the menu.

The chain’s newest franchise, based in Orlando, was previously announced to be opening in October.

Franchise spokesman Scott Eisler said the new Burger King franchise will be “a place where customers will feel at home and feel like they belong.”

The chain also plans for Burger King’s new Tampa Bay location to have more seating, and more seating locations will be added.

The restaurant will offer “food, beverage, entertainment and retail services,” the release said.

Burger Kings parent company McDonald’s is headquartered in Chicago.

Burger King’s Tampa Bay franchise, called the Burger King Tampa Bay, is a joint venture between Burger King and McDonalds.

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