Australia’s Best Fast Food: Hardee’s and its competitors

Hardee´s, the fast food chain, has announced it will become Australia’s biggest fast food restaurant by 2019.

The chain is planning to expand its Australian headquarters from its current location in Melbourne to its new $150 million headquarters in Sydney.

Hardee`s Australia plans to expand the number of stores to 40 by 2019, and will add another 50 stores to its existing footprint in New South Wales and Victoria.

The company has invested $3 billion in Australia to develop and open its Australian operations, and has announced a total of 12 new restaurants.

Hardeys Australia has also added an additional 300 restaurants in New Zealand and South Africa.

The company plans to open its first new Australian location in 2021.

Hardee`’s Australia is also planning to open a second Australian franchise in Melbourne in 2021, and to expand in New York and Los Angeles.

The Australian company has also said it will be expanding its franchise operations to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the United States.

A spokesperson for Hardees said it is working to deliver its first overseas expansion by 2019 with plans to add further Australian restaurants.

The Hardee family, which owns the Hardee Co and owns Hardee Grocer, has been working with the Government of Australia, the Commonwealth and other Commonwealth governments on the expansion plan.