‘A good idea’ but can it help people lose weight fast?

Fast food fast food is the mainstay of many families and many fast food chains offer a menu of items such as burgers, fries and pizzas.

But, there are many questions about the diet and weight loss potential of fast food.

Dr Caroline McBeth, a nutritionist and founder of the UK’s first fast food restaurant, said that while fast food may be good for the health, it may not be as good for weight loss.

She said that although fast food was often low in calories, it still had to be balanced against the amount of healthy fats that you are consuming.

“The only way to really lose weight is by eating lots of food that is high in fat and low in carbohydrates,” she said.

McBeth said that fast food could be a great alternative to a healthy diet.

For example, she said that you could get a salad at a fast food outlet that has a few vegetables and a few snacks.

This type of menu can have a huge impact on your appetite, so it can be a good idea to try a salad instead of a pizza and to go for something that has some variety and variety of food, instead of one big meal.

Dr David Broughton, of the University of Oxford, said it was important to be careful when making the choice between fast food and healthy foods.

The fast food industry is pushing people to try new things and make lifestyle choices that are healthier than they have been previously.

Instead of going for a traditional breakfast or lunch, a lunch with a few healthy snacks and a fast-food meal is a good option, he said.

“The fast-casual fast food menu is a very healthy menu that has all the food you would eat at home and it has a high quality of food,” he said