A fast food restaurant owner is fighting a lawsuit over his employees’ right to sue in the US over alleged discrimination

Fast food is back in the headlines as a lawsuit is being filed in the United States by an owner of an Indian fast food chain, and a restaurant manager claims he was retaliated against after he brought a complaint about his boss’ discriminatory practices.

The owner, Amit Sood, claims he has been fired by a manager who has been accused of discriminating against him.

He has been seeking unspecified damages, according to his lawsuit filed in a federal court in New York on Thursday.

Sood, who is from India, says the manager who fired him, James “Jay” Parekh, has been on the job for two years.

He says he had an issue with a restaurant’s parking policy and Pareku’s refusal to allow employees to park in designated areas.

Sudanese immigrant and former truck driver Parekhi was hired in September 2015 by Indian fast-food chain Aamir Khan, who runs Khan Enterprises, according his website.

Aamiri Khan was accused of racial discrimination after it was revealed he had hired Pareki as his manager in 2016, according the complaint.

The suit claims that Parehkh fired Sood because he accused him of being black and Muslim.

The suit also alleges that Parenkh had retaliated by asking Sood to remove a sign that had been posted on his building that read, “Don’t be a black ass, I will kill you if you try,” according to the complaint filed in Manhattan federal court.

A family of three who lived in the apartment building in New Park was told to move out of the building, the complaint alleges.

Sutton, a member of the Hindu-American community, claims the owner told him he had no right to make his complaint.

He said he is seeking unspecified compensatory damages as well as punitive damages for retaliation, according a press release from the family.